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Further miscellaneous news and information about the PlanIt website, including:


As of July 2021 this site is now fully revised. Important changes are as follows:

  • The underlying technology is now based on Python 3, PostgreSQL and PostgREST (was Python 2 and MongoDB)
  • Result and page caching has been improved
  • Output in CSV (comma separated values) and TSV (tab separated values) formats is now supported (and XML output has been discontinued)
  • There is a new 'Boundary' section which supports spatial searches based on uploaded or online GeoJSON boundaries
  • Full text search is supported as well as selection by size, type and state of the application
  • API changes:
    • Full application data is now returned in searches (no longer necessary to follow 'link' to the application)
    • The arbitrary API query 'limit' on total records to be found has been removed ('pg_sz' remains but is just a limit to the records returned)
    • New 'search' parameter for matching word phrases in the 'description' field (see the API)
    • New 'select' parameter to limit and rename the fields returned (see the API)
    • Additional planning applications data fields -> 'last changed', 'last different', 'location', 'location_x', 'location_y', 'n_statutory_days', 'n_dwellings', 'associated id' (see the Data Dictionary)
    • Spatial searching for intersecting planning areas using the same parameters as planning applications
    • Many additional planning area data fields with information on totals, type of scraper, date limits, regions and planning status (see the Data Dictionary)


This site covers almost all UK (and Crown Dependency) planning authorities. However in a few cases the data are unavailable. Details of these authorities and their websites are below:

No data - information is provided as PDF documents only (live list) Data from earlier periods - but planning data are currently inaccessible (live list)