Further miscellaneous news and information about the PlanIt website, including:


This site covers almost all UK (and Crown Dependency) planning authorities. However in a few cases the data are unavailable. Details of these authorities and their websites are below:

No data - information is provided as PDF documents only Data from earlier periods - but planning data are currently inaccessible

Rate Limits

Access to the API is now rate limited. Enquire for futher details.

Scraper Software

There is now a public version of the UKPlanning scraper software which is used to gather the data for this site. Note the public version is the first public release (1.3) which was current in August 2017. Enquire for further details.

Planning Alerts

You can use the PlanIt API with a Web automation service such as IFTTT or Zapier to get a mobile notification or email whenever there is a new planning application near you. The trick is to trigger a notification when a new item appears on an RSS news feed service. Then use the PlanIt API to provide an appropriate RSS (georss) feed URL for a particular location.

Note: sort your PlanIt RSS feed by '-when_updated' so you get the most recently scraped applications first in the list (if it is a 'krad' circular search, make sure to set the 'not_near=on' option so sorting is not by proximity to the centre)
Note: set the feed to provide applications dated within the last month or two (eg 'recent=60') - this is because the date of an application is the date the planning authority processed it, which can be some time before it becomes available on their website

Example: here is a PlanIt georss feed URL to get the most recently scraped applications from the last 60 days within a 750m radius of a postcode